1907612_740448319322461_5010590484378870811_nJudge me that Imma locksmith, Say I’m delusional, stupid, retarded, whatever you want to, I don’t really care. Seeing these two together really means something for me. Seeing them smiling to each other really makes me happy. I feel good when I watch to a FMV or a cut of them from some thing. I feel happy when they have a new moment. I feel something more when I look pictures of them. I really believe in them. I must admit, TaeNy wasn’t my OTP from the start. Actually, before discovering TaeNy, I was always changing my OTP. When I started to see TaeNy things and searching more, it was then that I really found out the meaning behind being a shipper of a couple. TaeNy is special to me. I don’t see friends treating each other the way they do and I don’t see the kind of relationship that they share between other members of different groups. I don’t see the kind of relationship they share even with another pairings on SNSD. They do have something more, at least for me. They have something I can’t explain and I don’t want to actually, because it’s a thing – thing, this special and unknown thing that make TaeNy special and unique to me. I’ll ship them forever, I’ll support them forever and I’ll love them forever no matter what happen.




21 thoughts on “I’M A LOCKSMITH

  1. This is……. That i wanted to say from the beginning! Welcome, wah calon calon author baru nih!! Welcome! Ditunggu karya nyaa ya thorr!


  2. Hi author salam kenal,reader baru nih mau numpang baca karyamu thor,kayaknya menarik semua nih,maaf baru nemu nih linknya,jd baru bisa baca,maaf klo telat btw saya Ls juga loh y^o^y

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