Hello, Locksmith!


Atta : hello!  Welcome to my world. just forget about the whole world, and the reality! Just runaway from such a thing.  And lets be delusional. ❤

Jazz : I love to write just dreaming! Because it’s way too beautiful from the reality. Heol. Screw reality! Let’s be a dreamer and forget about the pain that life gave to us. This is our story! ❤


Sincerity, Your author-nim.




10 thoughts on “Hello, Locksmith!

  1. Hello jazzatta!!!! I’m happy to see you both in this wp again! And also happy to know that you both will always writing for us! Poor my english. Keep writing, jazzatta! And I will keep loving your story. Like, you know, your story are really deserve to be loved. Because it’s a kind of perfect. Udahlah daripada makin ancur. Dadah jazzatta.


  2. Da ceuk urg mh alusan make basa endonesa ka mana2 dari pada basa inggris. Komo deui bhsa daerah, model kieu. 😀 😀
    Da ai nu t ngarti mh pasti olohok sabari nebak2 ieu basa naon? Hahaha
    Kanggo nu ngarti 😀 Ngan saukur bisa ngajakan seuri. 😀

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  3. Hello there! I think I find your wordpress. It’s me, kimkimsara from AFF 🙂
    So here is where you store your fanfics in Bahasa Indonesia? I follow this site 🙂
    Nice to meet you 😀


  4. Kita baru di pertemukan di 2017,anyeong.. salam kenal aja buat authornya,keknya author baru juga yh? *sotoy*
    Ijin baca ff nya….tbf thor


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