I’m Glad By Atta





Heellooo! We’re backkkk! Maaf kemarins super sibuk karena kita sekarang udah kelas 12 dan banyak segala urusan harus diselesain dan baru bisa nyelesain oneshot iniii, gausah banyak cingcong langsung aja!

hope you guys enjoy it!


She wakes up with a start and lies there in a sleepy haze, wondering why the buzz of her phone won’t stop making any noises.


“Are you sleeping?”


She reads it very carefully, and her lips pulled into an unexpectedly sincere smile as she realized who was brave enough to wake her up in the middle of the night.


“I can’t sleep.”


“I sent you too many messages, didn’t i?”


She finally gets to gather her consciousness and began to drags her fingers onto the bright screen.


“You did. But I’m glad.”


“Did I wake you up?”

“You did. But still, I’m glad.”


“Did I disrupt your phone’s peacefulness?”


“You did. And I’m glad.”


“Did I annoy you too much?”


“You did. Still, I’m glad.”


“So much ‘glad’ you were talking”


“I don’t see why you’re complaining”


“I don’t see why you’re glad when i completely ruin your perspective of peacefulness.”


“That’s private.”


“What? Why?”


“It’s not private if i tell you.”


“Okay, so you’re starting,”


“Starting, what?”


“Keeping secrets from me.”


“Whatever just go to sleep.”


“I don’t want to.”


“Whatever, bye. See ya at school.”


“Yah! Taeyeon!”


The girl lying in her own bed, staring up at the ceiling, phone at her side won’t stop making buzz noises, Her heart is considerably lighter after receiving messages that she had been waiting for the past four days. She had been missing her, Tiffany. Something about the brownie just felt so right, how gorgeous that god’s creature when she was having her smile on her face, how is it feels like when those dark but beautiful eyes caught hers, when those lips implying something whenever they passed each other, when she gets to see her smiles everyday, waking up in the morning and greeted by short funny joke messages on her phone.


It was Friday night, when she was busy with her final assignments. She decided to check on her facebook for a while, she was scrolling up her timeline, feeling happy when she got to see her friends photos, whether It was a funny photo when Sunny was drunk and they put very thick lipstick on Sunny’s face around her eyes and lips, she almost looked like stupid clown, or when she got to see her sister’s photos while playing with their dogs back in her hometown, or Sooyoung’s photos that showed her their old childhood photos.


Until she got one strange message on her inbox, how surprised she was knowing it was from someone named unknown. “Hello, Taeyeon.” She was afraid at first of someone might want to hurt her or threat her with anonymous account, or that could’ve been some kind of bully. “Hello, who is this?” that was her reply. It wasn’t long until the ‘unknown’ reveals herself that she’s her school mate, that they go to the same college, although they go to different major which is why she’s telling her that she goes to Business major while Taeyeon in Music major. Taeyeon didn’t know that she could get along with someone easily, especially it was just a week until the unknown admits that her name is Tiffany. How shocked Taeyeon knowing she had been talking with the popular girl in her school for a week, and she was surprised that the girl has extremely pleasant sensations and how comfortable Taeyeon is whenever they’re having casual conversation. Whenever Taeyeon asks her what was her actual reason to talk to her, they even barely know each other at school, but Tiffany never tell her even just a word, and it became a mystery Taeyeon would never know because she has flipped, for Tiffany. And she doesn’t want it any other way.


They would have their long talk after school, telling each other what’s going on in their own life or what’s bothering them or maybe how their day went pretty well. It doesn’t matter what the topic would be, Taeyeon would find a way how to keep their conversation going, but no matter how hard she had tried, sometimes Tiffany would disappear, for days, but came back eventually, but Taeyeon can’t predict what the future will be. She never knows when Tiffany would contact her again and it always leaves her confused.


She didn’t expect much how Tiffany’s feelings towards her, whether she counts her as a friend, best friend or a complete stranger. But she always cherish every single second she’d spend with Tiffany, even when the brownie replies with her short messages or simple messages such as “Uh, Okay.” “Talk to you later.” “Bye.” “Lol, Funny.” And they always manage to engrave Taeyeon’s beautiful smile and put her heart at ease somehow. Taeyeon never complains how unpredictable Tiffany is or how hard Taeyeon has been falling for her, Instead, a smile starts to spread on her face as she remembers their happy moments together.


“Goodnight, Tiffany,” she says to herself.







Taeyeon stared at those irises she very much wanted to blame for her fall, but how could she when those irises were so beautiful, so very warm, like the cinno latte in her hand. Her voice sounded so very similar to the drink too, rich, creamy and definitely sweet to her ears.


“What did Peter say about it?” Sunny’s voice startled her and she immediately turns her gaze to the other side, realizing that her best friends were around her for the whole time they got their seats in this very crowded cafeteria.  “Nothing yet, he’s still at the Adam’s party.” Sooyoung says. “So who do you guys think that’ll be the queen of lacrosse’s party?” Asks Hyoyeon while she takes a sip her hot coffe.


“Whoever it is, I’m pretty sure she must be one of lacrosse player’s girlfriend, the hottest one.” Sunny says, chewing her sandwich slowly. Taeyeon could only takes a heavy sigh while turning her gaze to the pretty girl across the room. “Yoona?” Asks Sunny.


“She can’t be. She won it last year.” The three of them nodded. “Tiffany?”




“Tiffany Hwang?” Continued Sooyoung.


“What?” Asks Taeyeon and she raised her eyebrows. “I mean, she basically was one of them.”


“She was.” Taeyeon says,


“Sooyoung might be right. Remember when they picked Lee Ji-Eun as the queen? She was Tyler ex. But they picked her anyway.” Hyoyeon shook her head. “It could be. Beside, Tiffany is too pretty for them to resist.” Says Sunny while trying to steals Hyoyeon’s cupcake.


“I’m wondering why Tiffany and Josh had broken up.”


“You should ask Taeyeon. Everyone are curious about it too.”


“Yeah Kid, did Tiffany ever talked about it?” Taeyeon shook her head, “She never tell, and I don’t want to know either.”


“Why? Was it that bad?”


“I don’t know.” She shrugged.


“Then maybe you should find out how your crush’s past relationship.”


“Yeah Taeyeon, she’s your crush, let’s dig in.”


“I don’t do that kind of stuff.” Taeyeon says while trying to pack up her bag,


“Beside, she’s not my crush.” Taeyeon spoke again.


“Oh, Come on!” the three of them were pretty loud that they succeeded find themselves being stared by half of the people in the room.


“Even blind people can tell.” Says Sunny. “You better watch out Tae, we don’t know her motives.”


“What motives?”


“Like you said, today she’ll be showed up but tomorrow she might be disappeared.” Says Sooyoung and she put a spoonful of dessert in her mouth


“That’s not make her a bad person, maybe she has her own reasons.” Says Taeyeon as she’s trying to defends the brownie, she knows that her best friends don’t really like the idea that she’s talking with the brownie, they told her that they afraid of something that might happen.


“I’m not saying she’s a bad person, okay? I’m just saying that you have to be careful.” Sunny nodded and swallowed her salad.


“I know, and I am. Don’t worry, okay?”


“Can we trust you?”


“Of course! Let’s end this discussion.”


Taeyeon smiled gratefully at her best friends, she knew her best friends very well, they just don’t want her to get hurt and that’s an amazing bless for her. She knew they’d always got her back and that’s why Taeyeon really cares about them.






It was the second paper that turned into a small crushed paper ball. It has been a while since she’s trying to finish he paper work, but everything seems too blur. She couldn’t stop thinking about the person who’s running on her mind since this morning. They haven’t talked for a week now. Even a single short message that Taeyeon had been hoping for didn’t even come.


She heaved a sigh and leaned back, stared out the window.


Tiffany has been becoming her primary vitamin that she doesn’t mind even if she gets overdosed. Taeyeon couldn’t get enough of the brownie, she could find a million reasons why she’d fall for her all over again and spend every single second to admire the brownie.


She could stare into those dark but precious eyes all day, and still believe they are the most beautiful thing in the world.


She decided to make her own dinner in hope it could make her forget everything for a little while. After she had finished with her dinner, the door bell starts ringing and she dries her hand and goes to her apartment door.


Her heart skipped a beat.

This can’t be real.


“C-come in.” she couldn’t think of anything else so it just slipped out of her mouth, tries suppress the feeling inside her, she pushed the door open.


“Hi.” An eye-smile greeted her. “You’re up? Hungry?” says the brownie as she makes her way in.


“I have no idea you’d still up.” She spoke again as she lets Taeyeon to lead her to the living room.


“Why are you here?” Taeyeon turned the kitchen light on and pulled the fridge open.


“Why? Can’t I come over? I thought you’d be surprised.”


“Well I am surprised. Make yourself at home.”


“Don’t you miss me?”


“Actually, I do.”


“Aw… cute!” she teased her, pulling Taeyeon closer by the hand.


“Stop being busy with your kitchen, I’m right in front of your face. Maybe you should treat me better than this.”


“I was being a nice host and I was about making you a hot matcha tea latte before you spilled the hot water.”


“I’m sorry I just.. I miss you.” Tiffany pulled Taeyeon’s arm and stepped forward to hug her. Again those three words could make her heart beats faster, even though she knows the fact that they’re just only kind words from Tiffany.


“You apartment look so..tidy..” Says Tiffany as she let go of Taeyeon and starts to walking around, taking a mental note that the girl is kinda a neat person. “How did you get my address?”


Tiffany let out a little chuckle. “It’s private.”


“Yah!” Taeyeon smiled a little.


“What? I was taking a revenge.” She then laughed, and Taeyeon could only smile at those beautiful scenes in front of her, Tiffany is such a beauty to behold.


“Everyone is talking about you being the next queen of lacrosse’s party.” Says Taeyeon, closing her window’s curtain.


“Can you please come over here, Taetae? I swear I miss you so much.” Tiffany asked, she took a deep breath and patted the empty side couch beside her. She leaned her head on the back of Taeyeon’s couch, while the latter started to understand as she chuckled at cute-tired looking Tiffany.


Taeyeon leaned closer, she sits herself beside the brownie, she brings her touch to Tiffany’s forehead, and bring the latter’s head to rest on her shoulder while her arms wrapped around Tiffany’s shoulder. They’re laying back peacefully.


“If you actually miss me, you’d send me a good morning text.”


“Or maybe a good night text.”


“I don’t have to send you messages to let you know that I miss you. You should’ve known.”


“Well, you kinda disappeared for a week.”


“I did not, Taetae. It wasn’t my intention, you know it.”


“I do. But –“


“No buts. I’m sorry, okay? I won’t do it again. But please let me hug you like this everyday, it’s so.. comfortable to be in your arms.” Says Tiffany as she tightened her arms around Taeyeon. Tiffany moves closer, snuggles to the latter’s neck searching for something that could make her a little bit warmer, and Taeyeon wouldn’t want her to be anywhere but with here.



“I heard, a guy named Baekki was trying to get to know you.” Says Tiffany out of nowhere, Taeyeon sighed. She was just enjoying every single second she spent with Tiffany. “I miss you.” Taeyeon whispered as she tightened her arms around Tiffany.


“I miss you too, Taetae.”


“I know.”


“Answer me, Taetae. Is that right?”




“Baekki. Becky?”


“It’s Baekhyun.”


“Oh right. I don’t know, and I don’t care. But I don’t like it.”


“Why? He’s cute.”


“So what now? You’re interested in him!?”


“That’s not what I’m saying!”


“I’m cuter, Taetae. Admit it.” Tiffany looks up and sees Taeyeon’s smiles that could make her smile too.


“Yes you are. You’re gorgeous.”


“So don’t go with him.”


“Duh!? It’s not like I can date you.”


“Why? Of course you can. This is basically our date.” Says Tiffany as she hugs Taeyeon tight.


“Haha funny, Hwang Tiffany.” Taeyeon let out a little chuckle although her heart gets heavier knowing the fact that this is the far she can get with the brownie, She knows it was hopeless from the start but it doesn’t lessen the pain of having reality shoved in her face.


“By the way, you’re the next lacrosse’s Queen. Maybe we should celebrate it.”


“What are you talking about? I’m no one’s girlfriend.”


“Still, you’ll be the next. You’re Josh’s Ex. They’d pick you.”


“I don’t want to be his ex. He’s a jerk, and you know that.”


Taeyeon laughed by the statement.


“It’s not like you can change the fact that you’re his ex.”


“Whatever, Taetae. I hate him.”


“Why? Don’t you say he’s hot?”


“He was. Not anymore. Everyone who’s being a jerk doesn’t deserve any compliments.”


“Okay, you’ve said it for a thousand times.”


“We were talking about Baekki.”




“Whatever. Don’t go with him”


“I’m not. I didn’t even reply to his messages.”


“Okay, we’re okay now.”


“We are okay.”


“We’re not, If you seeing someone.”


“I’m not seeing anyone,”


“I know, and I’m glad.”




“Nothing. Piggy back ride!”  Tiffany moved off Taeyeon’s arms and stood up – pulling Taeyeon with her “Now Taetae!”


“You’re too old to act this way, Hwang Miyoung.”


“This is your punishment.”


“What!? I didn’t do anything wrong!”


“Yes you did! I haven’t gotten to see you for a week!”


“What!? That’s because you were the one who disappeared for a week! I was waiting for you to come up at school, but you didn’t even show up!”


“Still, you can text me or call me.”


“I texted you, once!?”


“Not enough! Now, Taetae!”


Taeyeon relented with a sulk. Tiffany laughed as she stepped on the couch behind Taeyeon. “Ready?” She climbed on Taeyeon’s back and the latter grunted – hooking her arms under Tiffany’s knees.


“How much food did you have for dinner?!” Taeyeon protested as she tried to maintain her balance. She tried to get a better grip by jumping in place – juggling Tiffany’s weight behind her. “Uhm, I ate two cupcakes, one portion of rendang and.. I don’t know, i don’t remember” says Tiffany as she let out her little chuckle. “You’re lucky you’re pretty.” she muttered under her breath.


Tiffany giggled. “Go to the kitchen, Taetae!”


“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” She slowly made her way to the kitchen.


“Stop, Taetae! I want ice cream!” Tiffany moved off of Taeyeon’s back and make her way to the fridge while Taeyeon seems having a struggle to catch her her breath.


“I’m going to get change first.” Says Taeyeon as she makes her way to the her room.


She opened the freezer and had to chuckle when she saw the pints. “Taetae! Taetae!” Tiffany shouted.


“What!?” Taeyeon rushed, slipped the clean tank top on and walked out of her bedroom to see her frowning and shaking her head at the open freezer. “What? What is it?”


“Seriously, Taetae. Are you opening an ice store!?” Tiffany could’t believe what she just saw in Taeyeon’s fridge.


“I’m not.”


“There are a thousand ice cream in here!”


“You’re too much.”


“Ya but can you look at your own fridge!? you have all the flavors!”


Taeyeon let out a little chuckle as she enjoys watching Tiffany talking while she’s preparing her ice cream in a bowl that she just got from the shelf.


“So how was your project lately?”


“What project?”


“The one you’ve been talking about.”


“Which one? I have a bunch of projects Taetae.” Tiffany swallowed her strawberry ice cream, while Taeyeon sat next to her.


“You were telling me you have to go the states for your business project.”


“Ah, that. Yup. Next week.”


“Next week!?”




“With your group? For how long?”


“With Jess, Ji-Eun, Yoong, Casey, Seohyun. I don’t really know, maybe three months? The project should be finished by then.”




“What’s wrong Taetae?”


“So three months, huh? I’ll miss you.”


“Hey don’t worry. We still can keep in touch with each other, we have facebook, facetime, iMessages.”


“Ya but not be able to see you in person is kinda..”


“I’ll miss you too, Taetae.” Cuts Tiffany as she brings the latter to her embrace.


“Don’t worry Taetae, i promise you’d wake up everyday with thousand messages on your phone, and we’d facetime every night before bed, okay?” Says Tiffany as she tightens her hug, feeling to comfortable to let go. She just missed the warmth feeling she gets whenever Taeyeon near her, whenever their skin touches each other.


“I’m afraid Taetae.”


“Of what, Miyoung?”




“What are you afraid of?”


“School maybe? I kinda regret i’ve chosen Business as my main major. It’s kinda hard and i’m not sure i—”


“Shush Miyoung. I know that you’d prefer Being a model as you used to. Or maybe take Art Major because you basically loves to paint. But i respect you that you’ve chosen this way, what your parents wanted you to be. Because you loves them too much and you just wanted to try your hardest to make them happy. I’ve never seen anyone like you, as far as i know, you’re great too in this major, you always manage how to get perfect result, that’s all because your hard work, i know you can do this. You’ll live, Fany. I know you will.”

Says Taeyeon as she gives a light peck on Tiffany’s forehead, suppressing the tingling feeling inside her stomach and the warmth feeling she felt in her.


“I’m so happy that i have you Taetae, i have no regrets i sent you an awkward message on your facebook that night. It’s like you’re the only one that can understand me when nobody can. You were always there for me.”


“I know, i’m glad i was there.”


“It’s been half a year since i met you, Taetae. And i’m feeling so lucky that i’m this close with you, i’m lucky i have something that everyone doesn’t have.”


“I’m lucky too, Miyoung.”


“Why? I always annoyed you. I disappeared without a single message to you. I left without any signal. I wasn’t there when you needed me the most, i.. I’m sorry Taetae..” Tiffany tighten her arms around Taeyeon, snuggling close to the latter’s neck in hope the girl could understand that she’s really sorry.


“That’s not true at all. Believe it or not; you were always there. You helped me through the hardest days. Even just some of your silly messages could brighten up my whole day. It’s true that you kinda like to disappeared and i don’t know what was the reason behind it, but i have nothing to blame you, but sometimes things just don’t go like you want them to and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.” Taeyeon reached out, patting the damp cheek. “I’m okay though. Nothing to worry about.”


“Oh Fany, don’t be afraid. Of anything. Because i’m here, and you have me.” Taeyeon sounds really calm and soft as she strokes through strands of Tiffany’s silky hair against her fingers.


Tiffany tighten her arms around Taeyeon, somehow wanting Taeyeon to realized how grateful she is to have her in her arms.






“I don’t want you to go with someone else.”


“What are you talking about?”


“I don’t know. I just don’t like it whenever there’s someone who’s trying to get to know you.”




“I don’t know, because you’re mine?”


Taeyeon let out a chuckle, liking the feelings she gets whenever the brownie is in her protective mode, she just felt so warm.


“Well, i am yours. We’re best friends, aren’t we?”


“No! You’re more than a best friend to me, Taetae. You’re more special than that. How about me? Am i just a best friend to you? ”


Taeyeon smiles to herself. She then kissed her forehead lightly.


“Best friends don’t just kiss you like that, do they?”


Tiffany nodded and smiled, she again hugged the latter really tight.


“Lunch with me, tomorrow?” Says Tiffany as she looks at Taeyeon.


“Sure, where do you want to go?”


“Let’s just go to the cafetaria.”


“Are you serious? I mean. We’ve never really talked at campus. And..”


“I know. I’m so sorry Taetae i–…”


“Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault, i understand, okay then, lunch tomorrow at cafetaria. Got it.”


Taeyeon has been secretly hoping that this Tiffany that will always be her Tiffany whom will welcome her everyday. Tiffany that she could hug all day without leaving. Tiffany that gives her lots of reasons why she has to wake up every morning. But she again, she’ll never know where the future will lead them to.


They spend the the rest of the night on Taeyeon’s comfy couch, cuddling while telling each other what they’ve been up to, catching up what they’ve missed for the past week in each other’s lives, until Taeyeon decided to takes Tiffany home because it’s getting late although she insisted to stay over, not that Tiffany doesn’t want to stay over but she has early schedule tomorrow and she didn’t prepared to stay over.


One thing for sure, from that day on, they knew something has changed between them, they deepens their bond somehow, and Taeyeon could only hope that the changes is in a good way.




It has been two weeks since they got closer and closer each day. The brownie would be the first person to greet her every morning through her short yet funny messages, and Taeyeon will gladly replies those with hers,


That’s pretty much why Taeyeon now believes that she has her own place in Tiffany’s life. They didn’t just sent their secret glances at school like they used to, Even Taeyeon would pick her up every morning and they’d go together, she’ll visits Tiffany’s class during break and they’d have a lunch together at the Cafetaria. Even Tiffany got closer with Taeyeon’s best friends easily, she even joined them at Sooyoung’s party two days ago. Taeyeon couldn’t be happier.


When their eyes meet, she’d unconsciously break into a smile even though there’s nothing funny going on around them. Tiffany would do the same and they’d end up snickering together under the stares of their other friends who don’t understand what’s going on.


They just got out from Tiffany’s class after she picked her up, they were walking down the hallway just talking how their day went pretty well since Taeyeon got offered for a music project from a big company and Tiffany just finished her exams period.


Her gaze was locked with Taeyeon’s eyes until a guy bumped her.


“Ops. I’m so sorry.” Says the guy as he bend down trying to gather every Tiffany’s things that just dropped.


“It’s okay.” Tiffany answered while trying to help him.


“Tiff?” He looked pretty surprised while Tiffany stared at him.


“U-uh Hi.” Tiffany spoke again.


Taeyeon gulped and slightly furrowed her brows. She observed the guy who happened to be Tiffany’s ex. She remained silent.


“Wow. It’s been a while since i got busy with competitions, right? You look great as always.” He let out little cough to break their awkwardness.


“Uh, thank you.”


“So .. Uhm.. How are you doing?” He said after he gave Tiffany her books and papers.


“I’m doing fine. Just busy with school stuff though.” Tiffany says without looking on her ex’s eyes.


“Uhm.. Okay then. I’ll see you around.”


“See you.”


“Oh and by the way, you’re coming tomorrow right? Lacrosse’s party? Are you still at the same dorm? I mean, i can pick you up tomorrow.”


“I’m not sure yet. I have a date.” Answered Tiffany easily while she stared at him. Josh widened his eyes.


“O-oh? Really? So who’s the lucky guy?” He hesitated to ask the question.


“You’ll find out soon enough.”


Taeyeon keeps silent.


“O-okay then. Oh Hey Taeyeon.”


“You knew her?” Tiffany asked.


“Of course. Everyone knows your friend right here. My friends have been talking about her lately actually, nice to finally meet you Taeyeon, you have an amazing voice.”


Now it’s Tiffany’s turn to keeps silent while the other gives her best smile to the guy.


“Thank you.”


“I didn’t know you guys know each other, Tiff.”


“Oh, i do know her very well.” Tiffany says while the latter chuckles.


“Ah, i see. I’m sure she knows Baekhyun then.”




He nodded. “Yes, he’s the one. He’s been chasing you for months right? He’s my best friend actually.” Taeyeon looked to the girl beside her, she’s clearly doesn’t like where their conversations going.


“Oh. We’re just friends.” Taeyeon could feel that the latter searching for her hand behind her back, one she found it, she held it really tight.


“I know. And that won’t be long. You do know that he likes you, right?”


“What makes you so sure?, it’s true. He’s just a friend.”


“Well, you guys would make a great couple though, since he loves music as much as you do.”


“He just happened to be one of my junior. So we’re okay.”


“Can you re-consider it? I mean, he’s nice, humble, smiles a lot.”


“He’s just a friend.” Taeyeon was about to lose her patience as she tighten Tiffany’s hold.


“I know i’m just saying that maybe you’d want to observe him a little bit more sinc—”


“What are you? A rock? Don’t you hear that she was just seeing him as a friend?” Tiffany finally spoke. Couldn’t handle her patience towards her ex.


“Chill, Tiff. I was just helping my best friend, okay?”


“Then tell him he doesn’t stand a chance with Taeyeon. So back off!” He was surprised after hearing his ex’s tone, it sounds a little bit harsh but Taeyeon just chuckled.


“Okay, okay! I’ll stop. I’ll see you guys around then. I’ll text you later Tiff.” He finally bid his goodbye and decided to leave, not daring to look into his ex’s eyes,


“Wow. He’ll text you later? And you have a date?”


“Meh. I wouldn’t even read it. Actually he’s been sending me lots of text these past weeks though. And no i don’t have a date. It was just an excuse to get rid of him.”


“What? You didn’t tell me.”


“Why would i? It’s not really necessary.”


“Well. it is, for me.”


“Well you didn’t even tell me that Baekki still chasing you.”


“It’s Baekhyun.”




“Didn’t i tell you that i was ignoring him?”


“You did.”


“Then i don’t see the problem.” Tiffany let out a sigh. “He’s just a friend, Fany-ah.”


“I know.” Tiffany took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I don’t have any rights for you to tell me everything though.”


“You have. You’re my best friend, right? I’m sorry. I’d tell you everything you wanted to know. Okay?”


“Okay. And you aren’t my best friend.”


“Then what am i? A grandma?” Taeyeon chuckled. “Dork. You’re my soulmate.” Taeyeon could feels the butterflies in her stomach as she hears Tiffany’s sincere words.


Taeyeon laughed. She let go of Tiffany’s hand to put her arm around her shoulders. “You do know that you’re my soulmate too.  Right?” Tiffany smiled and nodded.


She let Taeyeon pull her close as she leaned down a bit with Taeyeon’s arms around her waist. She placed her head on Taeyeon’s shoulder and ignored the stares around them.


“Tired?” Taeyeon asked.


Tiffany nodded. “Wednesdays are always exhausting this semester.”


“Let’s have a dinner quickly so i can take you home early and you’ll get some rest, okay?”









“Do you really have to go?” Taeyeon finally said. She just finished helping Tiffany with her luggage.


Tiffany smiled. “Unfortunately, yes. Taeyeon.” Before she finally let out a little chuckle.


“Three months, huh?” Tiffany nodded. “Don’t worry, Taetae. It’s just three freaking months okay? I’ll be back. I’ll make it up to you, got it?”


Taeyeon just stared at her. “Beside, i’d text you really often, okay? You’ll never live a day without me in it.”


Taeyeon heaved a heavy sigh. She wasn’t really sure about the statements earlier, she just happened to went through the hardest five days without Tiffany in it, Taeyeon could only cursed herself because she can’t do anything about it, although Tiffany had told her sorry that she was busy with her assignments so she couldn’t contact her the past days.


“Again. And again.”


“What’s up?”


“Well, you’re telling me those stuff and in in the end i’d find myself lifeless waiting for a single message from you.” Yes even Taeyeon could manage how to say those kind of things that bottled up inside her, she is way more open to Tiffany about her feelings.


“Hey, i’m sorry. Okay? Please Taetae, trust me this time. Pweeeeeaaaase?” She pouted her lips cutely and scrunched up her nose, whining in the cutest voice she could produce. It was her best aegyo and she was hoping it would melt Taeyeon.


Taeyeon chuckled. “Okay, i trust you. Better not ruin my fate this time.” The latter jumped happily. “I won’t! I’d treat you something fancy once i got here! Okay?” Said the brownie while the latter chuckled and nodded.


“Have you brought your vitamins?”








“Super thick jacket?”


“Of course.”


“Extra sweater?”






“Yup. In my backpack.”


“Okay then.” Taeyeon zipped up the last big bag and let herself fall to the couch. “Why are you such an ahjumma?” Taeyeon widened her eyes.


“I’m not an Ahjumma, okay? I’m worried.”


“Don’t worry then, Ahjumma.” Says Tiffany playfully, she then moved closer to the latter.


“How can i? You even missed your vitamins this morning. You can’t miss those orange and yellow things! You know that.”


“I won’t miss it again! Beside, i have you as my reminder, you hear me?”


“That’s true though, i’m sorry i forgot for reminding you this morning.”


“It’s okay, i understand. You only slept for 4 hours.”


“Yeah, that professor would beat my ass if i didn’t finish his assignments.”


“Do you remember the first day we said hi to each other at campus? We were so awkward.”


“Ah yes.” Taeyeon chuckled. “It was a coincidence though. We bumped at the bathroom.”


“Yup.” It’s Tiffany’s turn to chuckles. “After three weeks on facebook….”


“And two hours later, we were sitting at the rooftop.” Tiffany nodded before she finally wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s waist. Snuggles closer into the crook of the latter’s neck while the other tighten her arms around Tiffany and put her chin on her head.


“That. You were letting me to listen to your song. Your own composition.” Says Tiffany as she remembers those beautiful memories of hers. She unconsciously smiled to herself. “You actually let a stranger listen to your special melodies.” Continued Tiffany.


Taeyeon chuckled. “You weren’t just a stranger to me, you know that.” Tiffany nodded.


“Now get up. Finish your javanese tea first, to keep you warm. And then We need to get your stuff at your apartment fast so you can rest a bit before your flight.”


“It’s okay Taetae. I’ll get it by myself, beside, it’s just 30 minutes away to get to my apartment from my dorm.”


“It’s 11 PM now. I’ll drive you. And take you back here.”




“It’s not open for discussion.”


Tiffany leans back and empties her glass quietly, suppressing the strange warm feeling inside.






[Taeyeon – 2:14 AM] Hey


[Taeyeon – 2:14 AM] Are you up?


[Taeyeon – 2:14 AM] Hwang Tiffany


[Taeyeon – 2:14 AM] I’m waiting


[Taeyeon – 2:14 AM] It’s 2 PM here


[Tiffany – 3:45 AM] Sorry, my phone was died. Just got home. K.


[Taeyeon – 3:46 AM] At this hour? Isn’t there like 4 AM now? Really? Where have you been?


[Tiffany – 3:56 AM] Kinda.


[Taeyeon – 3:56 AM] Please be safe there. Now go get a change and sleep.


[Taeyeon – 3:56 AM] Tiffany?


[Taeyeon – 3:56 AM] Good morning Tiffany. Have a nice dream. Be safe (:








[Tiffany 11:56 PM] Oh my gosh. Taeyeon! Taeyeon! You there!? I’m so sorry! I didn’t meant to sound rude, I swear, I was exhausting last night. I just woke up and it’s like almost 12 PM.


[Tiffany 11:57 PM] Taeyeon?


[Tiffany 11:58PM] God, I’m dead.


[Tiffany 12:05 PM] Taeyeon, baby?


[Tiffany 12:11 PM] Say something or I won’t bring you your favorite corn bread!


[Tiffany 12:15 PM] Yah! Kim Taeyeon!


[Tiffany 12:25 PM] I’M SORRY, OKAY? ): SAY SOMETHING.


[Tiffany 12:25 PM] Answer me NOW!


[Tiffany 12:25 PM] Yah!


[Tiffany 12:27 PM] I swear if you’re going out with that Baekki! I’ll be going with a really hot American guy here!


[Tiffany 12:28 PM] Does it works?


[Tiffany 12:30 PM] Yah!


[Tiffany 12:35 PM] If I don’t get any replies, I wouldn’t come to your musical!


[Taeyeon 12:35 PM] Yah! RUDE!


[Tiffany 12:35 PM] Ugh! Thank god! It worked!


[Taeyeon 12:36 PM] I was just teasing you, okay? I’m sorry.


[Tiffany 12:36 PM] I was just teasing you too about the musical, lol! I couldn’t find a proper bait. I’m sorry too, really. I’m really sorry, I didn’t meant to be rude, I swear. It wasn’t my intention, I was drunk though, a little bit too much, please blame Jessi, or kill her, I’d be glad.


[Taeyeon 12:38 PM] What!? Jessica made you what!? That blonde-cold chick!


[Tiffany 12:38 PM]  Yes, yes, omg baby, just kill her. I swear I’d kiss you.


[Taeyeon 12:40 PM] Watch me when you get here! And give me those kisses.


[Tiffany 12:41 PM] Lol, okay! Xx. Wait, you’re still up!? But it’s very late there now!


[Taeyeon 12:42 PM] I know. I can’t sleep. I miss you, it’s been two months.


[Tiffany 12:43 PM] I know, don’t worry. I’ll be back in time, okay? I miss you too Taetae. Now sleep, you need to rest. I’ll text you later. Okay? Sleep! Good morning there, have a nice dream, I love you Taetae. Xx.


[Taeyeon 12:43 PM] But I can’t sleep! Urgh, okay then. I’ll try. Morning Fany-ah, I love you too. You too sure need rest, okay? Text me later!










“I don’t how i’d deal with those papers.” Sooyoung keeps chewing her salad. She heaves a long and heavy sigh and about trying to get something to cool her off. “Okay, stop with the that annoying sigh now, so what’s up shortie?”


“Nothing, I just want to catch up with you, is that wrong? Beside, I’m lonely and you’re my best friend.” Sooyoung tilting her head while furrowing her brows. “What’s with me being your best friend?”


“Then you have the obligation to make me happy and not to feel lonely.”


“Where’s that come from?”


“Well, I’m not sure.”


“Tell me, Taeng.”




“What’s wrong?”




“Don’t lie, Taeng. We’ve known each other too long and too well.” Sooyoung crossed her arms and leaned forward. “Why are you here? It’s Saturday.”


Taeyeon shrugs. Holding a big bottle of water.


“It’s Tiff, am I right? Everyone has been talking about her and Kevin, right?”


“Do you think they’re like, really close?”


“So I was right. Honestly, we don’t know. I mean, she’s in America now, so does Kevin. By all those photos you saw from facebook, don’t you think they’re close now?”


“I don’t know. Whenever I asked her, she was just saying that they’re just friends, but still. You saw those photos, right? Friends just don’t touch you like that.”


“I think it’s normal if they’re close, I mean, kevin is the same major with her. So you should believe her when she says that they’re just friends. You guys are basically dating, she won’t cheat on you.”


“We’re not dating!”




“Of course!”


“And you expect me to believe that? Then what are you guys?”


“Best friends.”


“Best friends, right. And you’re jealous now.”


“You know I like her.”


“Let me correct that, you love her.”


“Fine, I give up.”


“Tell her.”






“Because I’m afraid. You know how many guys would die to be her partner.”




“And,… it’s impossible.”


“What if she’s feeling the same?”


“I don’t know.”


“Trust me Taeng, best friends don’t just get upset whenever they know there’s a guy who’s chasing you or trying to get to know you, do they? Take me as an example. I’ll be happy if that Baekhyun trying to get to know you, or I’ll be happy whenever you’re close with someone. But not Tiffany, don’t you see? And I’ll be happy and okay too if you’re with her. As long it makes you happy.”


“She was just being a protective best friend.”


“Yeah right, by blocking all of hot guys contacts and unfriending them in your facebook and leaving the nerds instead.”


“I don’t know Syoung-ah.”


“Let’s just get a drink.”






Taeyeon slammed the door behind her. It was a hectic day at campus, she just got scolded by her professor because she was too distracted lately. She couldn’t focus on her important classes and always found herself staring blankly at the window. She makes her way to the living room and throw herself at her couch.


“How’s Tiffany?” A new message popped up on her phone, she heaves a long sigh. “I don’t know.”


“Stop avoiding her, you know it’s not her right to make a decision. Beside, it’s just three months longer.”


“But I’ve missed her, Syoung-ah.”


“I know! I get it! Okay!? Now call her and tell her you’re sorry.”


“I don’t know.”


“You know she has been calling me for the past three days.”


She decided to ignore her best friend’s messages, it’s been a week she has been avoiding the brownie. She knows it wasn’t Tiffany’s fault that she has to go through another months in America for her projects, but it just feels wrong to have her thousands miles from her, she even witnessing Tiffany’s photos on her facebook with lots of new faces, hot and cute guys to be exact being close with her. She’s just tired to deal with her feelings.


She’s confused whether she should give up or wait another three months for her. Although Tiffany has been trying to contact her and tell her sorry and said that they’re just friends. Taeyeon couldn’t deny that Tiffany is Tiffany. She is the typical hot girls at campus who doesn’t mind if a guy being near her or even flirts with her, and others stuff.


[Tiffany – 3:56 PM] Taeyeon, answer me. Please, I’m sorry.



Taeyeon once again decided to get up and walks to the kitchen. She re-heat her previous meal which is her favorite tteokbokki that she just got from her fridge. The food managed to calm her down a bit and by the time she finished her sandwich, she had decided to take a shower and go to her room and sleep. She just cound’t handle the day anymore.






Three months later Taeyeon find herself standing in the middle of the big empty room, there are airplanes that just arrived and she doesn’t know which one who brings the one whom she has been missing so much. She stared at the big transparent glass and look up at the night sky with lots of stars hanging. It’s 01:47 AM Korean time. The flight was planned will be arrived at 02.00 AM. But she once again doesn’t know what flight that she has been waiting for, she just had been told that the flight will be arrived this morning she she quickly run to the airport.


She doesn’t know why they got to this point. she just wanted to stops trying and holding back her tears, How stupid is she waiting for her and to think she should pick her up at the airport at this hour? What if she’s being with that guy that would do anything to protect her, why is she here again?


She was about to run and go home until her eyes caught that girl’s back figure, her hair was longer than before and it’s black now. Seconds later, those mesmerizing eyes that she has been missing so much caught hers.


The brownie starts to walk closer with no expression on her face.  “Um…” Taeyeon looks down at her feet. She’s still trying to think of what to say when Tiffany suddenly tackles her with a hug. Her mind and body automatically relaxes when she feels the familiar warmth and inhales the familiar scent.


“Hi,” she whispers hoarsely as she wraps her arms around Tiffany. Tiffany is speechless. She hugs Taeyeon as tightly as she can, burying her face in Taeyeon’s hair. Her eyes start to water when she feels Taeyeon’s arms around her. She inhales and immediately relaxes. It feels familiar and warm. Safe.


“I miss you,” Tiffany mumbles. “I miss you so much.”


“I miss you too.”


Taeyeon tries to push Tiffany back but the latter won’t let go.




“How long have you been waiting for me?” Tiffany asks as she lifts her head to see a small smile on Taeyeon’s face, despite the girl’s sad eyes.


“About two hours.”


“You should’ve asked me. I’d tell my flight details.”


“It’s fine, really.” Answered Taeyeon.


Tiffany stirred up. Taeyeon is different, and she knows it. Her weak smile tells her everything. She couldn’t feel anything except guilty for being too busy and distracted lately. Taeyeon has been different for the past two months since she contacted her again after one month silence between them. She was trying to say sorry to Taeyeon that she should stay for another three months and Taeyeon seems couldn’t accept it. After that one month her messages to Taeyeon has been neglected by the receiver, she finally got one reply, telling her that she was okay and asked her when she will be home.


Here they are. Staring at each other’s iris, looking for answers that they had been holding for the past months.


“Taeyeon-ah.” Tiffany finally spoke up. She caressing her best friend’s face tracing with her fingers.




They both startled. Taeyeon quickly wipe Tiffany’s hand from her face as she trying to give her best smile. “You must be Kevin.”


“And you must be Taeyeon.” The guy shows his smile, his smile just like Tiffany’s. it would make his eyes closed and she couldn’t lie that the guy has pretty smile.


“Tiffany talked a lot about you. Are you here to pick her up?” Taeyeon nodded. “I was, but now I know there’s a guy who will protect her and drive her home, so I shouldn’t worry anymore.”


“Oh no no no, it’s okay. You can drive her if you want, you have been waiting for her, right? It’s okay.”


“Are you sure? I mean,”


“Yes Taeyeon. Drive me home, you already here to pick me up. Now let’s go, Kevin can go home all by his self.”


“Yah! Rude!” Kevin shouted with low voice, earning chuckles by the black haired girl.


“Alright then, shall we go home?” says Taeyeon as she holds Tiffany’s hand with hers, startling Tiffany, although Taeyeon herself felt a heavy goose bumps all over her body when the skin touches hers, feeling the familiar warmth.


“Okay, take care girls! Let me know when you got home Fany-ah, okay?”  Tiffany nodded.




Both start walking after the guy’s figure disappeard as Taeyeon drags Tiffany’s luggage with her and her other hand still holding Tiffany’s hand. They both keep silent, didn’t know what to say after six months long haven’t feeling each other’s warmth.


“You’re different.”


“I’m not.”


“You are. I miss the old Taetae.”


“I’m still your Taetae.”


“You’re not. You’re somehow cold, you didn’t reply to my messages like you used to.”


“What do you mean?”


“You used to say I love you to me a lot. you used to say annoying yet funny things to me, we used to stay up late just to hear each other’s voices,”


“You’re the one who was busy lately.”


“I know, I’m sorry, but still, you used to be so loud and telling me to send messages even if I was busy, but now, you’re quiet.”


“I just don’t want to trouble you, I know my limits.”


“You don’t have any limits on me, never.”


“I am. I’m your best friend.”


“Stop with that excuse.”


They didn’t realized they already reach the parking lot, Taeyeon opened Tiffany’s door and let her in, after that, she throw the big luggage in and takes her seat.


It was quite, they both keep silent, didn’t know what to say or do. It was the first time for Tiffany to see this cold side of Taeyeon. She never knew since when they become like this. The truth it, she missed her, she missed Taeyeon, badly that she couldn’t get enough sleep thinking about where they’re going lately, she knew they drifted apart, and she doesn’t know why.


An hour later they reached their destination. Taeyeon stops her engine and pull her handbreak. She got out from her car and she opens Tiffany’s door, and then she takes the big luggage from the back seat.


“Now, rest. Sleep, don’t forget to eat your vitamin first, you got that?” Says Taeyeon. Earning a little chuckle from Tiffany, Taeyeon furrows her brows.


“Why are you laughing?”


“I’m sorry, it’s just, it’s been a long time since you warned me to get sleep and take my meds.” Tiffany startled as Taeyeon hugs her really tight.


“I’m so sorry. I’ll try harder to be your previous loving best friend.”


“It’s okay Taeyeon.”


They were hugging each other tightly until Tiffany’s phone buzz out of nowhere.

“It’s Kevin.” Says Tiffany.




“He was just asking me if I’m already home.”


“Your crush, you mean?”


“What? He’s not my crush!”


“Say all you want, Jessi told me.”


Tiffany stares at Taeyeon in shock. She wasn’t expecting that answer.


“It’s okay if you’re not ready to tell me. I’ll always be here when you need me.”


“I-i..” Tiffany didn’t know why she was stuttering.


“It’s okay, Tiffany. Go for it, I know he likes you too. Don’t worry, okay?”



“Since I’ll be super busy for the next months for my project and afraid for not having much time to see you, I’ll make a confession right now.” Taeyeon spoke again.


“Fany-ah.” Taeyeon brings her touch to Tiffany’s cheeks, caressing it slowly. “Listen to me carefully, okay?” Tiffany nodded, feeling her heart beats faster.


“That night, I was trying to get my assignments done. Then a stranger account popped up, and it was you. You said hello. I was afraid at first, but I was relieved that it wasn’t a pervert or anything and a beautiful girl instead who greeted me. We became pretty close, I don’t know why even until know why were you here, why were you said hello to me. We became really close each day, I’ve felt things I haven’t felt in such a long time. I love it so much whenever you’re near me, or whenever I get to hug you really tight, whenever you send me texts, whenever you’re being protective, whenever you told me that everything will be alright, I love everything about you. Please don’t be afraid to hear this, Fany-ah, I’ve felt confusion, embarrassment, lust, want and even love, and ever since I met you I have never been so intrigued by another human being. I love you, Fany-ah. I know you’re surprised now, don’t worry. I was afraid too” Taeyeon let out a littlee chuckle.


“But I’m not afraid now. I was afraid because I knew, I’ve fallen for you, really hard. You are Tiffany. I know I’m nothing compared to those hot and cute guys, but you can’t really blame falling for you, right? I mean, it’s your fault.” Tiffany looks up and sees the trembling lips that are trying to form a smile and the tears that are ready to spill from Taeyeon’s eyes any second.


“I was upset, when I knew you should stay in the states for three months, that means I would be away from you, and it’s kinda hurts knowing the fact that you’re interested with someone, but I know it will happen eventually, so I tried, I tried to go out with him, Baekhyun I mean, three weeks ago. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, he was a nice guy, he’s caring and gentle. And everything just felt so wrong, And then I left him because no matter how sincere he was and how much I grew to like him, I knew that it wouldn’t work out.”


She moves her right hand up, cupping Tiffany’s face gently. “Because I can’t forget you. I still love you, Fany,”


“I never stopped.” she whispers before she leans in and kisses her lightly, Tiffany widened her eyes.


“I’m sorry. I just can’t hold it anymore. I promise it was the last.” Tiffany keeps silent, she was trying to digest everything.


“Say something.”




“Hey…” her voice softens as she holds her by the. “Remember our promise? That we’ll stay best friends regardless of what happens between us?”


Tiffany keeps silence. “Now get in, and take a rest. I’ll pick you up in the morning and we’ll get breakfast together, okay?” No answers. Taeyeon starts to walk away with a smile plastered on her face.


“Taetae!” Tiffany finally spoke up, she rushes to where Taeyeon standing. Her hands are shaking as she gives her a little note book.


“Read this, when you get home. This is for you. From me.” Taeyeon nodded as she starts to walk away.


She somehow relieved despite the little twitch on her heart. At least Tiffany is here and she wouldn’t want her any other way than with her. At least, Tiffany is home.







Taeyeon has just arrived at her apartment. The second she got to her door, she rushes to get in. her heart considerably feeling lighter after telling Tiffany everything that she has been holding up this long, she just hope that Tiffany won’t run away and still there, for her. After she washed her face, she was about to go to her room until she found Tiffany’s notebook. She makes her way to the couch, and take it with her.


She turned off her light and turned on her table lamp, she open the notebook slowly. She was surprised, she saw lots of photos of her. There are lots of photos of her. When she was eating, studying, focusing on her music sheets, laughing, smiling but with different angel which is Tiffany took them from a distance.


“My Taeyeon <3”




It’s written all over the whole pages. until find a blank pages and turn the next page to see a little note.



“There was a time when I accidentally caught you from across the class, smiling. You always did, I’ve seen you do it before. I’ve seen every person in the class do it before, but then I’ll always remember that one. That particular one, it was as if there was magic dusted over your lips, because all I could think of was damn, her smile is gorgeous. I wanted more of it, so I tried to finish my class faster than usual, just to get a glimpse of you, your smile. andI wanted more and more  of it, because every time I did I saw something else; rays of sunlight, sugarcoated donuts, drops of kisses from the rain, dandelion wings soaring towards the moon.”


She flips another page.


Stop biting your lips because it’s so damn hot.


Taeyeon smiled, her hearts beats faster, she turn another page.


“Whenever people said we looked perfect together, I’d shrug it off. Because you were perfect. I was far from that. But whenever we talked about what kind of make up would fit my face or about the cheesy romantic songs I loved, what kind of dress will fit me, how annoying my professor was, and you were there talking to me as if what I was saying mattered, I wanted my soul to watch us so I can see if we really do look good together. I always wonder why you never saw what they saw too.”


Taeyeon smiled. She can feel the pain in her heart lessening as the broken pieces start to fit together again


“That day when you made me listen to your compositions, music has never sounded so alive it was written in the stars.”


“You weren’t just a star to me. You were my whole damn sky, but now you are, my universe.”


She engraves her own smile on her face, tears can’t stop brimming down her cheeks, seconds later her phone buzz a little.


“Just so you know, I never liked him, Taetae. I love you, Taetae, I never stopped.”





Tiffany snuggled closer and they fell asleep in a matter of seconds.Taeyeon woke up first a few hours later to find Tiffany still asleep with her back facing her. She quietly slipped her arms around Tiffany’s waist and hugged her from behind, resting her head on the back of Tiffany’s neck.


Tiffany stirred.


“Are you up?” Taeyeon kissed the shoulder.


Tiffany only grunted. Taeyeon smiled and trailed kisses along the length of the shoulder up to the back of Tiffany’s neck, brushing the long hair away with one hand.


Tiffany finally moved, turning around in Taeyeon’s hold and meeting Taeyeon’s lips.


“Why are you so irresistible?” She pulled back.


“What’s wrong Taetae?”


“I hope you’ll never leave again.”




“Please just don’t leave again.”


Tiffany smiled. “I won’t.”


“I promise.”


“Don’t say that.”




“Don’t make a promise you can’t fulfill.”


“I promise. The end.”


“Wait! What is this? Who’s Dylan!?” Says Tiffany as she reads carefully a message that just arrived on Taeyeon’s phone.


“A friend of mine.”


“He sent a text! At this hour!”


“Dylan who!?”


“Uh you know, that boy who always sits at the corner, thick glasses?”


“What!? That nerd!?”




“He likes you!”


“I thougth so. Anyway, I have the love of my life. Don’t worry.”


“Still! I’ll reply this!”


“Oh come on Fany-ah, have a pity on him?”


“No way!”


‘Oh hey dylan! It’s nice receiving your messages at this hour, but please send another text with proper time next time because we were just in our make out session and you interrupted us. Oh right, it’s Tiffany, Taeyeon’s girlfriend. So maybe you already know where you should go after this. Bye.’



TaeyeoN laughed. “What were you thinking, Fany?” Tiffany shrugged. “I don’t know, he should know his limits, you’re mine.”


“Then what about those guys who’s still chasing you? I kept my mouth shut.”


“It’s okay, I’ll tell them I have a really hot girlfriend and we’re serious.”


Tiffany smiled. “I’ve rejected so many men, you know.”


“Arrogant, aren’t you?” Taeyeon smiled.


“It’s the truth. Be flattered!” Tiffany lightly slapped Taeyeon’s shoulder. Taeyeon chuckled.


“Why should I?”


“Because none of them can compare to you.” Tiffany leaned forward and kissed Taeyeon without hesitation.


She kisses her back and. Her mind and body relax; it’s as if her soul has finally come to rest now that it has reunited with its other half—its mate.


“Such a smart girl,” Taeyeon mumbled between their kisses. “Uh-huh. Your smart girl.”



Taeyeon chuckles and turns her head, pressing her lips against Tiffany’s hair. One thing for sure, no one else she wants to spend her life with. Everything feels right. Her mind and heart are at peace and her soul feels whole again.



“You know i love you, right? very much.”

“I know, and i’m glad.”

























Okay so that;s it! sebenernya ini udah project dari lama banget sih, dari sebelum puasa dan mudik itu cuma yagimana ya ngetik ini kalo lagi mood doang wkkwk dan akhirnya mumpung hari ini free gaada jadwal (sumpah biasanya padet banget, maklum aja ya saya ketua osis T,T)
jadi jebret! niat ngelarin dari kemarin malem cumabaru selesai sekarang!
Ayo yang males baca bahasa inggris dibaca pelanpelan 😉
lumayan buat belajar sedikit-sedikit loh hhhehhee


your authornim,





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      She keep me warm thor…
      Gua udah lumutan pengen baca chap terakhirnya…
      Ayo thoor ayo thoorrr….
      Berilah pencerahan kepada readersmu ini…

      Update soon okay…


  9. and this story have a great awesome sweet ending,,and I’m glad
    hahaha dasar posesif ppany in action,,,
    kaga boleh ada yg deketin taetae…punya nya ppany kaga boleh di lirik” apa lg sampe naksir,,,
    taetae is ppany’s..soooooo back off everyone!


  10. Asli suka bgt sm isi ceritanya ..
    Feelnya ngena habis..
    Si taetae sweet bgt dah pengakuan bhahaha

    Gue nunggu cerita lu yg msh pada bersambung thor.. menunggu dgn setia :3


  11. Taeny disini sweet bgt pas msh sahabat aja udh kyk org pcrn.. protective kyk pany..
    Tp suka akhir ny mrka happy ending, walau pertama kira bakal ttp sahabatan rasa kekasih.. wkwkwk

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Awal2 baca bikin baper teny nya saling suka tapi blom bisa ngungkapin😓 fany ngegemesin deh kalo lagi cemburuin bh hahaha😆 as always ff jjatta is amazing 👏👏👏


  13. Kirain kevin sama fany beneran jadian dan jatuhnya bakaln sad ending tp puji sukur nggak😂😂 udah bete duluan pas katanya jessie ngasih tau taeyeon soal crush’s fany. Baru sekali dpt ff yg mulai duluan itu fany haha btw paling suka kalimat ini “Stop biting your lips because it’s so damn hot.”.



  14. Ngebul ngebul ngebul otak gue,,
    Durasi bacanya 2 jam lebih dan pelan2 banget biar dapet feelnya,bukan karna critanya tapi karna bahasanya,nyesel gue dulu sempet berenti les bhsa inggris trus jadi kurang fasih kek gini,,it’s amajjing 😂😂


  15. B.inggris hohohoho ni q komen dl tar tk baca lg pln2, mo cr kmus dl wkwk, tq atta be healt,happy,n good luck b.inggris q kacau hhh


  16. Waaa slalu so sweet! Taeny slalu so sweet! Walaupun awal2nya ada trouble tp akhirnya jadian jg. Ya bisa dikatakan trouble itu stelahnya akn mmbwa kbahagiaan wkwk
    Oh ya, lucu jg pas fany bls pesan dylan. Make out session? Oh my! Wkwkw


  17. Maaf author sy seneng ni pasti cerita nya menarik tp sy kurang baik di english..heum jd ga bs koment ni alur cerita karena bener” blank sy nya dgn ni english author keren 👏👍


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